Building something with you

We’re always looking to collaborate with small and start-up inner city home builders. With your expertise in construction and private financing backgrounds and our market insight we can improve the value and saleability of future inner city projects.

Our goal is to add our expertise to yours and ultimately ensure success for both of us. From planning and designing to marketing and ultimately selling your new build, we can help you get the highest potential returns on investment.

Here’s what we can offer you:

  • Site selection specifics vs market conditions
  • Finished delivered product vs market timing
  • Floor plan design advice that SELLS
  • Home feature cost control vs sale revenue expectations
  • Expert referral network (staging, designers, photography, financing, trades etc)
  • Market analysis of finished home pricing/sale expectations
  • Marketing: highest and most effective methods for achieving buyer exposure 
  • Creative commission structures available; amortized throughout project schedule or lump sum at time of sale.


If you’re considering a project in a desirable infill area or would just like some insight into the planning or building your dream home, please talk to us about how your decisions will affect the sale or resale of your home.